Newborn Baby Idea for the Traditional Baby Shower

Have you been invited to a baby shower and you have absolutely no idea what to give the new mom and baby? There are many new baby items on the market that you can consider, but the best newborn baby idea is generally a traditional one. Traditional baby shower gifts are things the parents will really use once their baby arrives.

Comfortable Baby Clothes

New babies can never have enough clothes. When choosing baby clothes find ones that are comfortable and something you'd want to wear if you were a baby. Many baby clothes are cute, but not all of them are comfortable. Nothing can make a baby crankier than having on an itchy stiff outfit that scratches her delicate skin, or an outfit that her body has to be pried into because it's so fashionable. Babies could care less about fashion. The best clothes are clothes the baby won't even notice she's wearing.

Practical, Everyday Gifts

Practical everyday gifts are very traditional baby shower gifts. Items can include bottles, pacifiers, diapers, bath and changing supplies, pajamas, socks, hats, blankets, sheets, cloth diapers, bibs, and you can't forget the traditional baby cup and spoon.

Large Baby Items

Nothing is more traditional than giving new parents a bassinet, crib, high chair, car seat, playpen, baby swing, or rocking chair. These items cost more than other baby gift items and many people opt to pool their money together to make these larger purchases. Other large items can include a gift certificate to have the baby's photograph made, or a certificate to have her first pair of shoes bronzed.

Give a Green Gift

In this instance, going green doesn't mean eco-friendly or organic-it means money. Giving new parents a savings bond or a money gift is something they'll truly appreciate. Your gift can be the foundation on which the baby's college fund is started.