Newborn Baby Idea: An Outfit for All Seasons

Children grow out of clothing so fast; sometimes it seems that shopping for them is impossible. The struggle to find an outfit that fits a newborn can be especially challenging, as growth spurts come and go quickly enough to make a parent's head spin. A wonderful newborn gift idea to give any new parent is the gift of an outfit for every season. Selecting an outfit that the new baby can wear for spring, summer, fall, and winter provides new parents with at least one clothing option, regardless of what the weather is like outside.

Choosing an outfit for every season gift can be a bit of a challenge. The first season is simple, as you can purchase an outfit for the baby in her current size. If it's summertime, you can choose a nice summery dress and you'll know what size to get. The remaining seasons can be a bit more difficult however, as you will have to estimate sizes. Thankfully clothing companies are offering a good deal of information regarding how they size their clothing and will make selecting a potential outfit much easier with an estimate. Be sure to choose a pair of shoes to go with your outfit as well, so that the baby has a complete outfit to venture out in.

Select an appropriate gift basket or bag for your outfit for an all seasons gift idea. Place each of your outfits separately, with a decorative tag. The tag can be inscribed with a phrase such as "Baby's 1st Fall Outfit" or something similar that conveys the idea of a newborn's first outfit. Be sure to place all parts of the outfit, including shoes, with the tag so that the entire outfit is complete in the package.

Newborn baby ideas can be difficult, but with a little time and thought, a unique gift such as the outfits for all seasons can be arranged. Giving a gift that will last the year through can be a very memorable and rewarding experience for even the most novice gift giver.