Newborn Baby Idea: The Newborn Travel Bag

Traveling with a newborn can be a daunting task for even the most experienced parent. Packing a bag that includes enough diapers, clothing, wipes, bottles, formula, and blankets is a challenge. Many parents either over-pack, under-pack, or totally forget even the most essential of baby items. Giving the gift of a complete newborn travel bag is one newborn baby idea that can ease many travel worries for the new parents in your life.

Choose a bag that is big enough to include all of the necessary supplies that a newborn might need while out for the day. Most babies go through a number of diapers and wipes during the day, so a bag big enough to pack at least ten diapers and a pack of wipes will work. Your bag of choice also needs to be large enough to include two or three changes of clothing, bottles, formula and water, or breast milk, and a couple of receiving blankets. Diaper rash cream, baby power, and lotion also come in handy while traveling with a newborn.

Fill the bag with your supplies. You can purchase an entire pack of diapers and fill the bag with as many as you think is necessary, then give the remainder to the new parents with your gift bag as refills. Select a box of wipes that will fit easily in the travel bag. Buy two or three outfits so that the newborn will have a change of clothes if necessary while away from home. Include your blankets, lotions, cream, and power inside the bag, along with a nice card or note so that the new parents know whom the lovely travel bag came from.

A newborn travel bag is an excellent gift idea for any new parents. A completely stocked travel bag eliminates the need for new parents to scramble and pack a bag when they have to leave the house, making short trips much more pleasant.